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Russell A. Solomon

Russell A. Solomon Tips for Safe Yoga Practice


Russell A. SolomonNearly 11 million Americans, including Russell A. Solomon, enjoy the health benefits of yoga, a practice that has been around for more than 5,000 years. Yoga is definitely not just a trend.


Although there are different styles of yoga to choose from, yoga generally provides such health benefits as increased strength, flexibility and balance, according to Russell A. Solomon. Many Westernized yoga classes center on physical poses, called asanas, and include instruction on breathing and meditation techniques. Other yoga classes are geared towards relaxation mostly. Some styles of yoga are about moving the body in different ways.


Before You Begin: Russell A. Solomon Tips for Safe Yoga Practice


Yoga is generally a safe, non-aerobic form of exercise. However, that does not mean that yoga does not pose any risks. It is possible to injure yourself if you try a pose that is too difficult for your level of fitness states Russell A. Solomon. The most common yoga injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms are due to overstretching or straining the neck, spine, legs, knees and shoulders, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Those who have certain conditions—severe osteoporosis, ear problems, spine problems, high or low blood pressure should be careful, as some poses can increase risk of injury. Additionally, pregnant women should take precautions when practicing yoga.


To reduce your risk of yoga-related injuries:


* Consult your doctor before beginning a yoga program. You will learn how to judge the type and level of yoga exercise that is safe for your condition.


* Learn the proper way to hold the poses and perform the stretches and exercises from an experienced, certified yoga instructor to avoid injury. Do not attempt the poses on your own until you master the techniques.


* Understand that yoga is not a substitute for conventional medical care. While yoga offers many health benefits and may even be part of your treatment plan, you should still visit your regular health care providers and get the treatment you need.


Russell A. Solomon also recommends that each yoga participant understand all the physical demands involved before beginning any new form of exercise. Ask the instructor and class participants how strenuous the activity is and if the type of yoga would be suitable for you. Russell A. Solomon final word of advice is to learn your own limitations and stay within them.


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